Fancy Nails

by sarahgrand

I usually like neutral colors on my nails (think beige, gray, or light pink), but every so often, I decide to go crazy and make my nails really interesting. This holiday season, I spotted Sally Hanson’s Salon Effects nail polish strips in “Snow Bunny” and immediately had to get them. Though I love the pattern, I thought it be overwhelming to use the strips on all of my nails, so I decided to paint some nails pink with Essie’s “Raise Awareness Polish” (which by the way, is one of my absolute favorites!). As a final touch, I decided to add some sparkle with with Nail Bliss’ “Bling Nail Appliqués” because, after all, who doesn’t love a little sparkle? I’m kind of getting the urge to do my nails fancy again sometime soon, so let me know what you think!