by sarahgrand

I distinctly remember the moment when I saw this picture in Teen Vogue way back in early 2010. My eyes immediately went to the pompom keychain, and I decided that I would soon have my own, one way or another.

A few weeks later, I saw this bag at the mall, and even though I liked the keychain, I hated that the bag had the word “Juicy” plastered across the front. I realized that I would probably be best off making my own pompom keychain, so I went to the craft store and made it happen!

Here’s some of my pompom keychains on a couple of bags– DIY & more pictures below!

To make your own pompom keychain, you will need:

  • Pompoms (available at any craft store–I bought a bag that had a variety of colors and sizes, but if you’re going for a more uniform look, they should have bags with single colors and sizes too)
  • Craft string (aka the string you make friendship bracelets out of)
  • A sewing needle (with a hole big enough to fit your craft string)

That’s it– that’s literally all you need! So not only is this craft super quick and easy, it’s also really inexpensive (which is great because I’m sure the Marc Jacobs bag shown in Teen Vogue and the Juicy bag are pretty pricey. No need to spend lots of money when you can make something equally good yourself.)

To construct the keychain, first thread your needle with a piece of craft string. The length of the string really depends on how long you want your keychain to be. I wanted multiple keychains of varying lengths, so the lengths of my strings reflected that. You’ll barely see the string in the finished product, so it’s doesn’t really matter what color you choose. I chose red for some and green for others.

Tie a knot at the end of the threaded string, and start running your pompoms through to the knot. Keep adding pompoms until there are only a few inches left of the string. Then cut the string so it’s not attached to the needle anymore. Tie a knot right against the last pompom. The reason you should leave a few inches of extra string at the end of the keychain is so that you can 1) tie it directly to your bag or 2)tie it to a key ring to attach to your bag. I just tied all my keychains directly to my bags and they look clean and nice. If you have excess string at either end, you can always cut it off. I think it’s always better to overestimate the amount of string you need because you can always cut off the excess when you’re done. But if you use too little string, there’s no turning back!

I told you–this craft is super easy!! And the end result is very cute. To complement your keychain, you could also add a colorful rabbit’s foot to your bag like I did with my brown bag. Btw, my school is right near St. Marks Place in NYC, and they sell these HUGE rabbit’s feet there. I think they’re pretty interesting, but I don’t think I’m cool enough to pull them off!

The green rabbit’s foot is hiding somewhere in this picture:

Hope you like the keychain(s)! Gotta love pompoms.