DIY Business Cards

by sarahgrand

I’ve been wanting to make my own business cards for a while now, and I finally got around to it last night. I’m really happy with how they turned out!

First, I made labels that stated my “business name” (I don’t really have a business, but I guess I’m aspiring to have one?? not really sure), my website, and my email address. For my business name I used the font “Cupcake” by Miss Tinaa, and for the other information I used the font “Wulan” (also by Miss Tinaa). Check out all her fonts here. They’re adorable and, best of all, many of them are free!


For the body of the card, I used scrapbook paper from DCWV’s Sweet Stack. Loved every page!

(Here’s some pages from the Sweet Stack. Nice 3D on some of these)

I bought some glitter tape to adorn the cards, but soon realized that the tape would be too bling for this project. I’ll definitely save it for another time though.

(“Bling on a Roll”)

To construct the cards, I used an eraser shield to trace out rectangles with rounded corners on the back of the paper. Eraser shields are only ~$0.50 and they are the best! I got mine for a drafting class and I still use it all the time. I use it as a stencil, a straight edge, an actual eraser shield, etc. Best $0.50 I ever spent.

Then I cut the paper. Always save the scraps–trust me, you’ll eventually find a purpose for them.

Here’s a finished card minus the label:

Put the label on and you’re done!

(The cards)

(My sister says the ones in the next picture remind her of chocolate strawberry cake)

(Mike and Ike?)

A big thanks to my sister Liz for helping me construct these yesterday! Enjoy the weekend!