Pie Pops

by sarahgrand

I have always liked mini desserts–they’re so cute and everyone can get their own little portion. These pie pops are some of my favorite mini desserts yet! They’re an even smaller alternative to the mini apple pies I made a while back.

I didn’t make the pie crust or the filling from scratch; instead, I used Betty Crocker Pie Crust Mix (just add water!) and a can of apple pie filling (I forget the brand I used, but they’re all the same in the end, right?). I added the right amount of water to the pie crust mix, but the dough was super sticky when it was done, so I ended up having to add a lot more flour to it before I rolled it out. After rolling it out, I referred to this recipe to construct the pops. They ended up coming out pretty good, but if I had to make them again, I would:

  1. Put the lollipop stick up farther, and embed it in the dough more–some of my pie pops had trouble staying on the stick
  2. Try to come up with a way to incorporate more filling without making the pie too heavy for the stick–in my opinion, these had a little too much crust and not enough filling, but I guess that’s unavoidable with the pops.
  3. Serve them warm–I had to make these for a party, so I didn’t really have the option to serve them warm, but I always think pie tastes better straight from the oven!


(Why does my brother always sneak up in my pictures?)

(Cute packaging–a nice finishing touch)