Double Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cookies

by sarahgrand

Macaroni and Cheese…Peanut Butter and Jelly…Pancakes and Syrup…these are all beloved food combinations. But perhaps the best food combination (ever) is dark chocolate and raspberry. It’s amazing, for real.

I had been wanting to make a dessert that combined the flavors of dark chocolate and raspberry for a while now, so when my friend suggested we bake something together before I go back to school, I had the perfect thing in mind: Double Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cookies.

When I made my Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies, I added a bit of mint extract to the cookie dough (plus some green food coloring), and they came out great. So for these cookies, I figured we could make regular double dark chocolate cookie dough but add a secret ingredient (raspberry extract) to get the desired effect. We used this recipe for the cookie dough, which happens to be a copycat recipe from Levain Bakery, which is a coincidence because I have eaten a cookie from Levain bakery before and, that said, these actually do taste similar to the originals. We added one teaspoon of raspberry extract to the recipe, and though there was a nice hint of raspberry flavor in the cookies, next time I am either 1) adding a bit more raspberry extract, 2) adding bits of real raspberries (as per my dad’s suggestion), or 3) both of the above. Who am I kidding…I’ll definitely end up doing option 3.

All in all, these cookies are amazing (with or without the raspberry extract) and I definitely recommend them to anyone who loves all things chocolatey. They’re moist and rich and almost a little bit cake-like (but in the best way possible). I like my regular chocolate chip cookies chewy, but these are the perfect texture for the double dark chocolate cookies. Enjoy the pics!

Making the cookie dough 

Dark cocoa powder

Stealing a chocolate chip 

Secret Ingredient!

Ready for the oven

Finished Products: