Pastel Mini Cakes

by sarahgrand

I had a major cake fail this weekend! I tried making a carrot cake with little leaf sprinkles for a Thanksgiving party and everything was going wrong, so I ended up having to throw it out. Instead, I made these two mini pastel cakes (I know they’re more spring-themed, but whatever–I like these colors). You can’t really tell from the pictures, but they’re much smaller than the other cakes I’ve posted on the blog so far (like the Strawberry, Birthday, Carrot, and October cakes). They still did not come out as good as my other cakes (there were some bumps in the frosting, etc.), and I’m convinced it is because it was the first time I made a cake away from home and I’m not used to the kitchen at school yet. I need to stop being such a perfectionist!!! Anyways, I hope you enjoy these mini pastel cakes–feel free contact me if you need a cake for any occasion.