Personal Goals for the Next Year #2

by sarahgrand

By 5/27/2019…

  1. Have my outdoor “Sarah Grand Designing” selling routine down, and improve my Etsy page
  2. Sell 50% of my NYC posters (200 sales total)
  3. Start selling at least one product other than posters
  4. Lose 10 lbs (cause I gained 10 lbs over the last few years)
  5. Develop a healthier lifestyle (more sleep, more mindfulness, more energy, less empty calories, etc.)
  6. Have my next living situation planned out
  7. Be promoted to a new role at work
  8. Travel outside North America (or at least make concrete plans to)
  9. Waste less time and get my fire back! (I’ve been feeling too “content” lately)
  10. Organize all of my photos and documents and get them on the cloud
  11. Write more blog posts
  12. GROW LONG HAIR (and continue resisting the urge to get bangs cause it’s gonna be a bad decision)