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The Deficit

The Deficit is a book to help you stay disciplined and lose weight. Each book was designed and handmade by me. The books are 4″x6″ so they can conveniently fit in your purse! Let me know if you’d like a copy: $10.00/piece.

Save the Date!

My sister Liz, my mom, and I made Save the Dates for Liz’s wedding next June. We followed a similar procedure to that from my DIY Business Cards. First, we cut cut cream-colored cardstock in 3×5 inch pieces, then we printed the Save the Date message on them, and then we rounded the corners. Next, we cut printed cardstock from DCWV’s “The Primrose Stack” into 4×6 inch pieces and mounted the messages onto them, again rounding the corners for a softer look. We are very happy with how they turned out. With this project we not only saved money, but also created a unique homemade card for each guest and had a lot of fun doing it. Hope you enjoy these!

DIY Business Cards

I’ve been wanting to make my own business cards for a while now, and I finally got around to it last night. I’m really happy with how they turned out!

First, I made labels that stated my “business name” (I don’t really have a business, but I guess I’m aspiring to have one?? not really sure), my website, and my email address. For my business name I used the font “Cupcake” by Miss Tinaa, and for the other information I used the font “Wulan” (also by Miss Tinaa). Check out all her fonts here. They’re adorable and, best of all, many of them are free!


For the body of the card, I used scrapbook paper from DCWV’s Sweet Stack. Loved every page!

(Here’s some pages from the Sweet Stack. Nice 3D on some of these)

I bought some glitter tape to adorn the cards, but soon realized that the tape would be too bling for this project. I’ll definitely save it for another time though.

(“Bling on a Roll”)

To construct the cards, I used an eraser shield to trace out rectangles with rounded corners on the back of the paper. Eraser shields are only ~$0.50 and they are the best! I got mine for a drafting class and I still use it all the time. I use it as a stencil, a straight edge, an actual eraser shield, etc. Best $0.50 I ever spent.

Then I cut the paper. Always save the scraps–trust me, you’ll eventually find a purpose for them.

Here’s a finished card minus the label:

Put the label on and you’re done!

(The cards)

(My sister says the ones in the next picture remind her of chocolate strawberry cake)

(Mike and Ike?)

A big thanks to my sister Liz for helping me construct these yesterday! Enjoy the weekend!


I distinctly remember the moment when I saw this picture in Teen Vogue way back in early 2010. My eyes immediately went to the pompom keychain, and I decided that I would soon have my own, one way or another.

A few weeks later, I saw this bag at the mall, and even though I liked the keychain, I hated that the bag had the word “Juicy” plastered across the front. I realized that I would probably be best off making my own pompom keychain, so I went to the craft store and made it happen!

Here’s some of my pompom keychains on a couple of bags– DIY & more pictures below!

To make your own pompom keychain, you will need:

  • Pompoms (available at any craft store–I bought a bag that had a variety of colors and sizes, but if you’re going for a more uniform look, they should have bags with single colors and sizes too)
  • Craft string (aka the string you make friendship bracelets out of)
  • A sewing needle (with a hole big enough to fit your craft string)

That’s it– that’s literally all you need! So not only is this craft super quick and easy, it’s also really inexpensive (which is great because I’m sure the Marc Jacobs bag shown in Teen Vogue and the Juicy bag are pretty pricey. No need to spend lots of money when you can make something equally good yourself.)

To construct the keychain, first thread your needle with a piece of craft string. The length of the string really depends on how long you want your keychain to be. I wanted multiple keychains of varying lengths, so the lengths of my strings reflected that. You’ll barely see the string in the finished product, so it’s doesn’t really matter what color you choose. I chose red for some and green for others.

Tie a knot at the end of the threaded string, and start running your pompoms through to the knot. Keep adding pompoms until there are only a few inches left of the string. Then cut the string so it’s not attached to the needle anymore. Tie a knot right against the last pompom. The reason you should leave a few inches of extra string at the end of the keychain is so that you can 1) tie it directly to your bag or 2)tie it to a key ring to attach to your bag. I just tied all my keychains directly to my bags and they look clean and nice. If you have excess string at either end, you can always cut it off. I think it’s always better to overestimate the amount of string you need because you can always cut off the excess when you’re done. But if you use too little string, there’s no turning back!

I told you–this craft is super easy!! And the end result is very cute. To complement your keychain, you could also add a colorful rabbit’s foot to your bag like I did with my brown bag. Btw, my school is right near St. Marks Place in NYC, and they sell these HUGE rabbit’s feet there. I think they’re pretty interesting, but I don’t think I’m cool enough to pull them off!

The green rabbit’s foot is hiding somewhere in this picture:

Hope you like the keychain(s)! Gotta love pompoms.

DIY Magazine Vase, Trivet, & Coasters

What do you do with your old magazines? Here’s an easy, fun, and resourceful magazine craft. All you need is a glue stick, hot glue sticks with a hot glue gun, scissors (optional), and old magazines.

(Magazine Vase)



DIY Steps:

1. Rip out a page of a magazine and cut (or bend and rip) it into 4 vertical strips as shown:

2. Using a glue stick, put glue on one side of each strip (I like to put the glue on the less colorful side of the strip). Fold the strip in half. Repeat the process so the new strips are one quarter the width of the original strips.

(New strips)

3. Start rolling the new strips. Make sure you roll tight! Every few turns, put a little bit of hot glue down on the flat part of the strip that’s about to be rolled. This will secure the spiral.

4. The diameter of the spirals is completely up to you! For the base of the vase, I just made one huge spiral. When I finished rolling one strip, I would put a little bit of hot glue down on the finished spiral and add another strip and keep rolling. Just keep attaching new strips and rolling until you reach your desired diameter.

(The huge spiral–base of the vase)

5. Once you’re done making a bunch of spirals, you can hot glue them together to make whatever you want! I made a vase, a trivet, and coasters but those are just a few ideas. The possibilities are endless! Here is the vase in progress.

(Constructing the vase–in the middle of gluing smaller spirals to the base)

Some finished products:

(Flower-inspired coasters)

(More coasters)

(Coasters in use)

(Trivet in use)

Try it for yourself!

Clothespin Frame

When I redecorated my room, there was a big empty space over my bed. I found a white clothespin frame at Pier 1 and filled it with things I made from leftover scrapbook paper and stickers.

Here are some of my favorite pieces inside:

The finished product:

No more empty space above the bed!