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Macaroni & Prosciutto

Macaroni & Prosciutto is a classic dish in my family and easy to make! Instructions below:

Brown chopped garlic with olive oil and some butter. Then add pepper and 1/4 lb prosciutto – no salt.

Cook macaroni (lightly salted) and drain. Add two raw eggs (whole or yolks) and mix with macaroni. Stir well. Add grated cheese and prosciutto sauce.

Tea Party Pastries


Galaxy Cake


Summer Cake

Daisy Cake

Happy Birthday Prianca!


July 4th Mini Cakes

I found these mini paper baking pans and had to get them! Inside is dark chocolate fudge cake. Decorated for the 4th of July. Have a great holiday!




Candy Button Cupcake

Chocolate Birthday Cake

Today is my friend Michael Luke’s birthday! He has been waiting for a birthday cake and associated blog post for a while now, and the day is finally here! For those of you who don’t know Michael Luke, he is super nice and funny! He is actually in my kitchen right now studying for an exam (lol). We basically do all of our homework/study for all our exams together and it makes the school year a lot more bearable. Sometimes, we actually have a lot of fun when we’re studying because we get so tired and delirious that we start laughing at everything! I’m really happy we became such good friends this year, and I hope I get the chance to make him more birthday cakes in the future. Also, wishing a very happy birthday to my friends Chaimaa and Judy!

Happy 21st everyone!

Taco Pizza

My mom makes this taco pizza and it’s so good! All you need is pizza dough, salsa, taco meat, and cheese. You can add other toppings too, but we like to keep it simple at my house. If you like this post, you should check out some of my other pizzas: Mac & Cheese Pizza, Greek Pizza, and Pesto Pizza.

Coconut Heart Cupcake

LOL Cupcake

Spooky Bat Cupcake

Cupcake week continues…here we have a bat cupcake from Halloween. Check out Halloween Cupcakes to see more. Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

Tie Dye Cupcake

If you like this cupcake, you should definitely check out my Crazy, Colorful Cupcakes post. Party cupcakes!

Cupcake Week: S’mores Cupcake

I’m going to post a cupcake a day until next Saturday. Today, we have the s’mores cupcake. Made with graham cracker crumbs, mini marshmallows, and dark chocolate morsels.  Enjoy!

Orzo Part II

I made Orzo Salad for Christmas dinner. See my original Orzo Salad post for the recipe! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays!

Pastel Mini Cakes

I had a major cake fail this weekend! I tried making a carrot cake with little leaf sprinkles for a Thanksgiving party and everything was going wrong, so I ended up having to throw it out. Instead, I made these two mini pastel cakes (I know they’re more spring-themed, but whatever–I like these colors). You can’t really tell from the pictures, but they’re much smaller than the other cakes I’ve posted on the blog so far (like the Strawberry, Birthday, Carrot, and October cakes). They still did not come out as good as my other cakes (there were some bumps in the frosting, etc.), and I’m convinced it is because it was the first time I made a cake away from home and I’m not used to the kitchen at school yet. I need to stop being such a perfectionist!!! Anyways, I hope you enjoy these mini pastel cakes–feel free contact me if you need a cake for any occasion.

Autumn Cupcakes

Here’s some more cupcakes! Be sure to check back for a autumn-themed cake next week too.

Halloween Cupcakes

My roommate and I made Halloween cupcakes! We were supposed to make them before Halloween, but we weren’t able to because of Hurricane Sandy. So we just made them last night instead. Hope everyone is doing well after the storm! Enjoy the pics…more fall-inspired cupcakes to come in a few days.